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Life (2005)
[ Rebecca Ritters ][ Marnie Reece-Wilmore ]
A Helping Hand (2004)
One of the Boys (2004)
Visitors (2003)
[ Radha Mitchell ]
Signs of Life (2002)
Reunion (2001)
[ Jennifer Rubin ][ Anna Gunn ]
The Intruder (1994)
Episode #1.431 (1984)
Episode #1.438 (1984)
Episode #1.439 (1984)
Episode #1.440 (1984) 100 Hot DVDs

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For someone who has been working in the entertainment industry for over twenty years, Tottie Goldsmith's level of fame is surprisingly unimpressive. Despite being a socialite, singer and occasional character actor, Tottie has never really had that 'big break' that propells many actors into worldwide acclaim. Born in the 1960s to Famous Melbourne Night Club owner Brian Goldsmith and Olivia Newton John's sister Rona, Tottie first got a break in several small roles on long forgotten 1980s TV shows. In the mid 80s she fronted novelty pop band 'The Chantoozies' with David Reyne, and they had a few minor hits before slipping back into obscurity. Tottie continued to accept b-grade roles in b-grade TV shows, which meant her career was forever in a kind of limbo, always failing to reach the heights that it should. After accepting a role in 'Fire' she was constantly upstaged by co-star Georgie Parker, and 'Sex/Life' the so-called 'tell-all' sex show was regarded as the biggest 'non-event' of TV in 1994. Off screen Tottie became newsworthy, in a string of failed relationships with more b-grade celebrities such as Steven Lee (a famous skier), Richard Wilkins (Australian television host) and most recently Chris Murphy (Former Manager of INXS). Tottie only recently made her big screen debut in yet another b-grade outing, Visitors (2003). Tottie Goldsmith could have had such a strong and powerful career, but always being dealt the wrong roles on the wrong TV shows has forever tainted her. It is a sad story that now the only thing she is known for is either being 'the niece of Olivia Newton John' or 'Richard Wilkins' ex-girlfriend'. Tottie continues to perform in Australia, but being more known for her life off the screen than on it, Tottie is now regarded in Australia as a 'minor socialite'. She could have been so much, yet sadly, due to circumstances beyond her control, her career is relatively unimpressive.

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