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Between My Breasts 6 (1989)
Blue Voodoo (1982)
Teenage Fantasies: Part II (1981)
Baby Sister (1980)
[ Sandy Dempsey ]
Cream Rinse (1977)
The Boob Tube Strikes Again! (1977)
Do You Wanna Be Loved? (1977)
The Cocktail Hostesses (1976)
[ Candy Samples ][ Sandy Dempsey ]
Panama Red (1976)
Fantasm (1976)
[ Uschi Digart ][ Candy Samples ]
A Climax of Blue Power (1976)
[ Uschi Digart ]
Cheri (1976)
The Angel Above, the Devil Below (1975)
Hot Teenage Lovers (1975)
[ Sandy Dempsey ]
Inside Amy (1975)
[ Uschi Digart ][ Marsha Jordan ]
Brute Therapy (1975)
Honey Buns (1975)
[ Uschi Digart ]
Never Enough (1975)
The Peeping Camera (1975)
[ Cindy Hopkins ]
Playmates in Deep Vision 3-D (1975)
[ Cindy Hopkins ][ Sandy Dempsey ]
Souzy's House (1975)
Beach Blanket Bango (1975)
High School Fantasies (1975)
Frankie and Johnnie... Were Lovers (1975)
Sexus in Paradise (1974)
Welcome Home, Johnny (1974)
Betrayal (1974)
[ Amanda Blake ][ Tisha Sterling ]
Five Loose Women (1974)
The Danish Connection (1974)
[ Sandy Dempsey ]
Panorama Blue (1974)
[ Uschi Digart ][ Sandy Dempsey ]
City Woman (1974)
[ Sandy Dempsey ]
The Dicktator (1974)
[ Uschi Digart ]
The Likes of Louise (1974)
Three Phases of Eve (1973)
[ Cindy Hopkins ]
Tom Peepers (1973)
The Mislayed Genie (1973)
Sex, Love and Happiness (1973)
[ Uschi Digart ]
Please Don't Eat My Mother (1973)
Carnal Cure (1973)
Cold Feet (1973)
[ Margaret Nolan ]
Devil's Little Acre (1973)
Guess Who's Coming This Weekend (1973)
Hard Riders (1973)
Heads or Tails (1973)
[ Uschi Digart ]
Hitch Hiker's Hold-up (1973)
A Name for Evil (1973)
[ Samantha Eggar ]
Partnership (1973)
Rendezvous in Hell (1973)
The Teaser (1973)
[ Sandy Dempsey ]
Saddle Tramp Women (1972)
[ Candy Samples ][ Sandy Dempsey ]
Sex Asylum (1972)
The Snow Bunnies (1972)
[ Marsha Jordan ]
Sex as You Like It (1972)
[ Candy Samples ][ Sandy Dempsey ]
Class Reunion (1972)
[ Marsha Jordan ]
The Sexpert (1972)
The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide (1972)
Sex Pursuits (1972)
[ Uschi Digart ]
Strangers (1972)
Shot on Location (1972)
[ Cindy Hopkins ][ Sandy Dempsey ]
Coming West (1972)
Teenage Sex Kitten (1972)
Drop-Out Wife (1972)
[ Candy Samples ][ Sandy Dempsey ]
A Touch of Sex (1972)
[ Sandy Dempsey ]
Hot Connections (1972)
[ Sandy Dempsey ]
Wrong Way (1972)
Hot Pistols (1972)
Janet's Birthday Bash (1972)
Kim Comes Home (1972)
Les Chic (1972)
Panty Girls (1972)
Peacock Lady (1972)
[ Cindy Hopkins ]
Peek-A-Boo (1972)
I'm No Virgin (1971)
The Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio (1971)
Journal of Love (1971)
My Little Sister (1971)
[ Cindy Hopkins ]
Naked Encounters (1971)
Necromania: A Tale of Weird Love (1971)
Private Private (1971)
Teenage Fantasies (1971)
[ Cindy Hopkins ]
Below the Belt (1971)
[ Uschi Digart ]
A Touch of Sweden (1971)
[ Uschi Digart ][ Sandy Dempsey ]
Touch Me (1971)
[ Sandy Dempsey ]
Bad, Bad Gang (1971)
[ Cindy Hopkins ]
The Daring French Touch (1971)
Ensenada Pickup (1971)
[ Candy Samples ][ Cindy Hopkins ]
Hawaiian Split (1971)
[ Uschi Digart ]
Adultery for Fun and Profit (1970)
Convicts' Women (1970)
[ Candy Samples ]
Country Cuzzins (1970)
[ Dena Doster ]
Country Hooker (1970)
[ Sandy Dempsey ]
Girl in a Basket (1970)
Sex-o-Phrenia (1970)
[ Cindy Hopkins ]
The Mermaid (1967) 100 Hot DVDs

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Rene Bond dominated early '70s Los Angeles porn, appearing in about 300 films and loops. She entered porn in the late 1960s for the usual reason, money. In her own words "I had some friends who were working in porno, and I needed the money. So they said they'd introduce me to some people, and they did. I got used to the money." Rene began her career in the low budget schlock of producer Harry H. Novak, often appearing with her long time boyfriend Ric Lutze. They would be a regular cinematic pair in both softcore and hardcore films for most of the 1970s. An industry observer described her as "a sinfully sexy and youthful looking little strumpet whose well-rounded acting skills and vivacious approach to on-screen sexing made her an instant favorite." She had a petite, trim body that made her the choice to play teenagers or farmers' daughters. She also had a deft touch with comedy. Her landmark linking segments in Teenage Fantasies (1971) epitomize her knack for coming across as sweet and winsome in even the raunchiest material. Rene was one of the first porn starlets to have breast implants to cater to what she called the "North American Breast Fetish". She got even more work after that. Rene incorporated herself in the mid 1970s and sold photos and slides of herself through her own mail order company. She also sang, danced and stripped at the Ivar Burlesque Theater in Hollywood. She often brought her father on stage and sang "My Heart Belongs to Daddy." Her mom went everywhere with her. She happily signed autographs in the lobby for a dollar each after her performances. Rene and Ric vanished from the film scene in 1978. Rene stayed out of sight until the mid 1980s when she was spotted as a contestant on the TV quiz show "Break the Bank" (1985). She was introduced as a bankruptcy specialist and had a new husband in tow. (She won over ,000 in cash and prizes.) Rene was seen around Las Vegas throughout the late 1980s and 1990s. She died of liver problems in the late 1990s.

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