Julie London
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Greatest Rescues of Emergency! (1978)
[ Carol Vitale ]
Emergency: Survival on Charter #220 (1978)
Syndrome (1973)
Nurses' Wild (1972)
Mascot (1972)
Emergency! the Wedsworth-Townsend Act (1972)
Emergency! (1972)
The George Raft Story (1961)
[ Jayne Mansfield ]
The 3rd Voice (1960)
The Wonderful Country (1959)
Night of the Quarter Moon (1959)
[ Agnes Moorehead ]
Man of the West (1958)
Voice in the Mirror (1958)
A Question of Adultery (1958)
Saddle the Wind (1958)
Drango (1957)
The Great Man (1956)
Crime Against Joe (1956)
The Fighting Chance (1955)
The Fat Man (1951)
Return of the Frontiersman (1950)
Task Force (1949)
Tap Roots (1948)
[ Susan Ward ]
The Red House (1947)
A Night in Paradise (1946)
[ Merle Oberon ]
On Stage Everybody (1945)
Diamond Horseshoe (1945)
[ Betty Grable ]
Nabonga (1944)

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Julie London was an actress & sultry singer who starred in a number of movies in the 40s & 50s before beginning a popular singing career, but probably most remembered for her role as Nurse Dixie McCall in Emergency! (1972) (TV) in the 70s. Known for her wonderful sex appeal throughout her career, even well up into her late 40s, she had a wide and full career most people can only dream of.Julie started out by playing small parts in the early 1940s and quickly became a leading actress and G.I. pin-up girl. In 1947, she married actor Jack Webb prior to his fame in _"Dragnet" (1952)_ , and went into semi-retirement, doing few films and even taking a break between 1951 - 1955. After she and Jack divorced in the mid-50s she became a jazz/pop singer, managed and groomed by jazz musician/actor Bobby Troup, who later became her partner in life when they married in 1959, and even later on the small screen. Ironically, when former hubby Jack Webb became the producer of Emergency! (1972) (TV), he hired not only Julie but her then-current husband, Bobby, and they starred together in her most recognizable role. Many people also remember their appearances together in the 70s on the TV game show featuring Hollywood married couples, "Tattletales" (1974) with host Bert Convy.Her biggest popularity as a singer was in the late 50s. She left her full-time film career to concentrate on her singing career. To date, over 40 of her albums have been released, and her vocal style has been endeared by many core fans. Her last recording was an excellent cover of the classic tune "My Funny Valentine" on the soundtrack to the Burt Reynolds neo-noir detective flick _Sharky's Machine (1980)_ .After suffering a stroke in 1995, her health began to deteriorate, and in 1999 her longtime husband Bobby died, and her own passing followed later in October, 2000. She left a legacy of a satisfying screen career and a lot of wonderful music that will live forever. Julie had 2 children with Jack Webb and 3 more with Bobby Troup.

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