Irina Allegrova
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Geroy nashego vremeni (2006)
Lisa Alisa (2003)
Historie milosne (1997)
Yermak (1996)
Kontesa Dora (1993)
Zvezda sherifa (1992)
Iskam Amerika (1991)
Krov za krov (1991)
Nochnye zabavy (1991)
Vysshiy klass (1991)
I povtoritsya vsyo (1989)
Vot takaya istoriya... (1987)
Ljubavna pisma s predumisljajem (1985)
Bagrationi (1985)
Chelovek s akkordeonom (1985)
Grubaya posadka (1985)
Parol znali dvoye (1985)
Salon krasoty (1985)
[ Natalya Krachkovskaya ]
Snegurochku vyzyvali? (1985)
Sem stikhiy (1984)
Potseluy (1983)
Bez vidimykh prichin (1982)
Predchuvstviye lyubvi (1982)
Subbota i voskreseniye (1982)
Vasili Buslayev (1982)
[ Natalya Krachkovskaya ]
Nezvanyy drug (1981)
Tündér Lala (1981)
S lyubimymi ne rasstavaytes (1979)
D'Artanyan i tri mushketyora (1978)
Osenniye kolokola (1978)
Uchitel peniya (1972) 100 Hot DVDs

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Irina Alferova was born on 13 March, 1951, in Novosibirsk (USSR). In the cinema she made a debut being the student of theatrical institute. In 1972 after the end of the institute of theatrical skill she was invited to play Dasha into the television series "Khozhdenie po mukam"(1973-1977), where she had enormous success. In 1976 she was enrolled into the company of the theater "Leninist komsomol" in Moscow, where she were introduced to her future husband by actor Aleksandr Abdulov, with whom she lived without for fifteen years. She continued actively to work in the cinema, and followed with a role in the military drama "Chernaya bereza" (1977), the fairy tale "Osenniye kolokola" (1978), musical "D'Artanyan i tri mushketyora" (1979, TV). In many films she played together with her husband, for example in the films "S lyubimymi ne rasstavaytes" (1979), "Subbota i voskreseniye" (1982, TV), "Predchuvstviye lyubvi" (1982), "Potseluy" (1983, TV). She also had main roles in the films: "Vasili Buslayev" (1982) Gennadi Vasilyev, "Sem stikhiy" (1984) Gennadi Ivanov, "Snegurochku vyzyvali ?" (1985, TV) Valentin Morozov. In the film "Vysshiy klass"(1991) she starred together with the daughter of actress Ksenia Alferova. Her role as Olga Winther in the television series of Vladimir Fokin "TASS upolnomochen zayavit..." (1984) was especially popular. In 1992 during the filming of Nikolai Litus "Zvezda sherifa" Irina was introduced to her present husband by actor Sergei Martynov. She played main roles in the Yugoslavian films "Tündér Lala" (1984) and "Ljubavna pisma s predumisljajem" (1987).

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