Ellen Sandweiss
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The Dread (2006)
The Ocean (2006)
[ Margot Kidder ][ Felissa Rose ]
Satan's Playground (2005)
[ Felissa Rose ]
The Evil Dead (1981)
Shemp Eats the Moon (1978)
Within the Woods (1978)

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Bruce Campbell
Sam Raimi
Ted Raimi
Vincent Pastore


Michigan native Ellen Sandweiss gained fame as one of the young cast members of The Evil Dead (1981). She first began her association with The Evil Dead (1981)'s director Sam Raimi and its star Bruce Campbell when she attended high school with them. Sandweiss appeared in some of Raimi's early Super 8 films, including _Within the Woods (1978)_ , the short film that Raimi and company used to interest investors in the feature-length version of The Evil Dead (1981). Sandweiss went on to play Cheryl, the sister of Bruce Campbell's Ash character, in the legendary horror flick. The Evil Dead (1981) was shot on a shoestring budget in Morristown, Tennessee, and it was a grueling production for all involved. When it was over, Sandweiss finished college and left her movie days behind her while The Evil Dead (1981) amassed a tremendous cult following. On the twentieth anniversary of the film's release, Sandweiss and her fellow The Evil Dead (1981) cast members Betsy Baker and Theresa Tilly began making public appearances under the name "Ladies of the Evil Dead". Soon after, Sandweiss made a return to horror films with a role in _Satan's Playground (2004)_ which also starred another horror icon, Sleepaway Camp (1983)'s Felissa Rose.

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