Barbara Ricci
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Bocce Balls (2005)
Attentatuni, L' (2001)
Gioco a incastro (2000)
[ Vanessa Gravina ][ Eleonora Brigliadori ]
Nothing to Lose (1996)
[ Lisa Roberts Gillan ]
Vortice mortale (1993)
Lepre con la faccia da bambina, Una (1988)
[ Amanda Sandrelli ] 100 Hot DVDs

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Frank Vincent
Donato Placido


Barbara Ricci was raised in the Bronx, New York. She is the youngest of three children. Her father Frank D'Amico was born and raised in the Bronx, and was a World War II Veteran, and he supported his family driving dump trucks and later he became an official for the Teamster's Union Local 456 in Westchester County, until retiring after having a stroke in 1989; Barbara's mother, was a manager for RKO PROCTORS movie theaters, and she was great at what she did, and she loved her job; it was the prime of her life when she was struck down with crippling arthritis. Ironically, Barbara's parents died only seven months apart in the year 2000; while living in California with her brother Frank, who is an actor.The only thing substantial that Barbara inherited from her parents is her father's purple heart, and her mother's wedding ring, and their strong will to live.The siblings Frank D"Amico Jr., and his little sister Barbara Ricci love each other deeply and they have always had a special unique bond, their closeness is like the one twins share together.Frank and Barbara also have an older sister Maria Cavalluzi who lives in LA, and all the siblings are very close to each other. Frank is a successful actor, screenwriter, filmmaker, Producer. Maria is in the restaurant business.Barbara Ricci said, "My brother Frank D'Amico is the Funniest Comedian you'll ever see." I consider myself a chip off the old block, and I owe it to him.Pat Reale is another big brother to me, I love him, and he's just the greatest person on this earth.Barbara Ricci is a Stand Up Comedian - 2006 New York ImproBarbara has studied acting in New York City, and has been writing since she was sixteen years old; she will tell us about her life in little bits and pieces through her writing ability in her screenplays, she will make us laugh, and she will make us cry, but most importantly she will make us understand that acting, is only a reaction to who we are inside, and what, where, when, and why we love what we do, it's greatness.

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